Firm Bio

Established in 2001, I D Architecture provides professional Architectural and Planning services for a wide range of clients and building types. Placing emphasis on effectively translating client objectives into dynamic solutions, the firm is committed to maintaining expertise in the procurement of institutional, residential, educational and assembly facilities. Innovation in architecture and technical proficiency are hallmarks of IDA – intelligently selecting materials synchronized with construction and building systems to deliver the most optimal edifices.

The purpose of I D Architecture is continued excellence in architecture and urban design and growth to serve clients in America and abroad. In concept, ID points to the identity and values of clients that buildings and spaces reinforce. Other interests of our firm include urban design, furniture design, and corporate branding environments, emerging markets, formal expositions on architectural theory, architectural competitions, theater/movie design and community development projects.  

A team approach is our method to deliver services. Access to, and participation by a broad base of professional consultants enables I D Architecture to exceed the expectations of our clients. Collaboration and input from team design professionals equips IDA to make informed decisions and best use of client resources for the procurement and life of facilities. 

The greatest assets of I D Architecture are our clients, our endeavors to have a good name and our employees. Our clients for their ability – A good name because integrity is essential to business – Our employees for their steadfast application of expertise to accomplish project goals.

Modern architectural design is our credo – not modernism as a style, rather modernism as an issue. Newness is often achieved by learning from the architectural traditions and archetypes of the past in light of present day and forthcoming sensibilities to evolve transcendent design solutions. Looking to nature for inspiration, IDA discovers processes, forms, and innovative organization in nature’s design – recognizing that design presupposes a designer.


I D Architecture maintains proficiency in the design of diverse buildings of small and large scale, of modern and archaic construction – in understanding of real estate markets – in proficiency in master planning and community improvement. The synthesis of these capabilities empowers our firm to develop unique and sustainable solutions in architecture and urban design. The practice of ID Architecture expands into adjacent fields to find interesting synergies in furniture, art, and inventions.

I D Architecture is intended to develop professionals for whom the field of architecture has been challenging to enter. Community mentoring and partnerships with civic organizations provides a platform to interact with youths. Our immediate commitments include financial assistance for passionate students towards higher education in art and architecture curricula.